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The Little Red Hen

This tale highlights the value of cooperation and the rewards of hard work.

Hen takes her wheat to the mill

The story of The Little Red Hen is loved by children because of a predictable series of events and repetitive language patterns. The rhythm and repetitions of the story lend themselves particularly well to a wide variety of sequencing activities.

The activities in this unit focus on developing the learner's auditory, visual and motor sequencing skills. "Sequencing skills are part of the foundation necessary for preparing a child for reading and writing."

Little Red Hen Unit cover

(Theme Unit, 1997, Rev. pp.40, 8 1/2 x 11, Tchrs. Ed., comb bound $8.95).

Little Red Hen FAQ

Theme Units build on the story ideas, encourage repetition of the central concepts, and help children make the stories their own.

Fairy tales are relevant today because they contain important, universal truths that children can understand and respond to.

These stories help children make sense of their own lives and inner feelings.

But, if a child hears or is read a story once and then goes to another activity the impression of the story is diluted or destroyed.* (Bettelheim, p. 59)

Instead of reading a story once and putting it away our theme units build on the value of the tales.

Children need time to reflect on the story, to immerse themselves in the atmosphere that hearing it creates in them.

Our unit activities build on the story ideas, encourage repetition of the central concepts, and help children make the stories their own.

A Little Red Hen Slide Show. story retelling prop

Literature based activities promote learning across the curriculum.

Folk/Fairy tale based theme units are useful tools that help your students develop those desirable social and moral values that are the foundation of our society.

Each Theme Unit includes:

Over 100 major experiences, with many variations, promoting learning across subject areas.

Creative Resources annotated bibliography matching titles available at Amazon.

An annotated bibliography of different versions of The Little Red Hen helps you find the resources for comparing and contrasting characters and story details.

Developmentally appropriate activities cover the following areas:

Language Arts . . . . . . . Math . . . . . . . . Science

World and People Around Us . . . . . Art . . . . .

Cooking/Snacks . . . .

Music/Movement . . . . . Dramatic Play . . . . .

Manipulatives . . . . .

Each Theme Unit includes questions and activities that provide your students opportunities
that will stimulate their higher level thinking skills.

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